We all have dreamed of this overseas adventure. In most cases its a time or budget issue to bring your own motorcycle. But we are here to help!

We offer a motorcycle rental system to riders intending an extended trip in Switzerland or Europe.

Our experience with short-term riders has shown us, that a lease from a big company with top of the range motorcycles does not match the needs of travelers who wish to spend only several days riding a bike in Switzerland or Europe. That is why we offer to provide motorbikes for this category of traveler.


The principle is simple;  We have a fleet of older but reliable motorcycles, that allow us to keep the rental fees low. You tell us the type of motorcycle you're looking for, and we do the rest. All our motorcycles are equipped with a luggage system. On arrival the bike is waiting for you, registered and insured. At the end of your journey you return the motorbike. 

You want a motorcycle for a longer period of time? Check out the buy and sell back option!

Rental option makes sence if you stay 2 to 3 weeks.

Buy Back Option is for longer periods from 3 weeks on. You buy a motorcycle of us and we buy it back from you - guarateed! 

We constantly adding new bikes. Its a working progress - bear with us!

Our Rental Motorcycles


The Motorcycle comes equipped with 2 Kriega OS32 Soft Panniers and Enduristan 51 Liter Rollbag

Included in the rental fee:

Two side panniers


Rental fees:

  • From as little as 600 CHf per week:

  • Contact us for your personal quote...

Including Insurance and Road Tax. For longer rent periods we offer a Buy and Sell Back Option. 

BWM GS 1150

The Motorcycle comes equipped with sat nav, tank bag, two panniers and top box

Included in the rental fee:

Sat Nav with waypoints of all passes in the Alps and a few preprogrammed routes


Two side panniers


Rental fees:

  • For as litte as 800 CHf. per week!

  • Contact us for your pesonal quote...

Including insurance and road tax. For longer rent periods we offer Buy and Sellback Packages.

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